Nanny Goat Naturals

About Nanny Goat Naturals
We moved to our farm in August of 2005. We started with two milking does and were on our way. Shortly after, we realized we had more milk than we could possibly ever drink on our own, so we started looking for uses for it. We started making soap for ourselves and soon found that our friends and neighbors were interested in buying it from us.

The next step in our journey was trying out the public market. Our first attempts at selling our products publicly were at local craft shows and farmers markets. They were so successful for us that we opened up a store in the Hartville Marketplace. Kathy then quit her job in order to pursue the business full time.

We now have our own store located in Historic Downtown Hartville and participate in many other shows and festivals.
Brian & Kathy Jeffers, Owners
Brian and Kathy moved out to Hartville in 2005 with their two children, Philip and Rebekah. They initially started making goat milk soap to help with Brian's severe case of eczema. After working so well for him, they decided that they wanted to share this special product with the world!
While Rebekah no longer lives on the farm to help with the farm side of things, she still helps with the business. She keeps the website running and all of the social media up to date.
"The 'udder' choice in all natural skin care!"